Blocky Kick 2

Blocky Kick 2 is an online game that you can play on basketball games free.

Fans of Football Games online, rejoice, as right at this moment we have returned to this beloved category of sports games, and not with just any game, but with the sequel of an already-really popular game from our website, and we are talking about Blocky Kick 2, with which we have had an amazing time with, from beginning to end, so we are positive that the same thing is going to apply to you all as well, or we would not have even thought to bring it here. Right here we will now explain what you do in the game, so make sure to read this to the end before you start!

Begin by choosing which national team you want to be. With the mouse you are going to kick the ball, which you do by swiping across the screen in the direction that you want to send the ball in, simple as that! Try to not just get the ball into the goal, but try to aim for the targets in it, moving or stable, because you then get even more points in return. If you miss three times, you lose and have to start all over again. We wish you all good luck, a great time, and we invite you to check out all the games we will bring you here today, they're awesome too!

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Enjoy it! 

Instruction to play: