Football Heads

Live out your football legend! Enter the arena and annihilate your opponent with a variety of powerful kicks and amusing powerups on basketball game online. Finally, use the emotes system to show them who's boss - become a football superstar now!

Move to the side, uncontrollable soccer!
A soccer game with simple controls that anyone can pick up in just a second.
Win the competition by defeating your opponent with devastating shots like dragon shoot, ice shoot, and lightning shoot.
Play this entertaining soccer game anytime, anywhere with

This is an interesting game and it's not simple as it seems to be. it requires you to observe and think. Enjoy and be ready for other challenges in Soccer Caps and Pocket League 3D

Instruction to play:

Move sideways and jump with the arrow buttons. Perform various kicks with the ball buttons. Score more goals in the given time and win the match. Climb divisions and unlock all rewards. Random match powerups and player emotes are available.