Gravity Linez


Gravity Linez is the arcade game in which you must score baskets by creating paths for basketballs to roll along. Basketballs will be fired vertically upwards on the screen your job is to quickly draw paths for the basketballs to follow before it begins its decline past the baskets.

Draw a line and get the ball into the basket in Gravity Linez Basketball game Make a dunk shot and shoot into the hoops Time your drawings properly and avoid the bombs

This game allows you to use your creativity and artist skills to complete each puzzle correctly. Every level will increase in difficulty as more balls are added to game in each level plus even more baskets. This will test your quickness of thinking and drawing at the same time!

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  • A good combination between drawing and basketball game
  • An endless game to try to successfully score as many as you can
  • Contains Bombs that can destroy the ring
  • Smooth physics

Instruction to play: