Homer City Game 3D

A baseball game on Bastketballgames to put your batting talents to the test. Compete against other batters to see who can smash the most windows out of buildings. Imagine a home run derby taking place in the heart of a city. Baseball is a popular pastime in the town of Homer. This game may be played right on the bustling streets here. One of the roadways was sealed off so you could fight your opponent and demonstrate your kicking prowess. In the online game Homer City Game 3D, you must follow the ball and move the bat in time to hit the ball. Additional points will be awarded for each successfully beaten ball. Have enjoy it on https://basketballgames.games/

Surely you will be able to fight after the first few plays. Share with your friends if you find this to be a harsh battle you can't miss. Complete this game and unlock other similar games like Baseball Kid Pitcher Cup

Instruction to play:

- Play with Keyboard "E" Key