Maya Golf

Maya Golf is an online game that you can play on basketball games for free. Try to put the ball into the hole. 

To play golf on our virtual fields, you do not need to join a prestigious golf club, ask for advice and to pay large sum contributions. You do not even need a stick, balls and special outfit, all the equipment and the magnificent golf field you get to Maya Golf game. On the field, you need to stay alone, because it is located at the foot of the largest Mesoamerican Mayan pyramids - Cholula. Everywhere scenic views and landscapes, and the task in front of you - to drive a ball into the hole, using the minimum of strokes. It's not just from the second level you will feel sharply increased complexity of the landscape.

There will be a variety of obstacles that are not easy to throw in one throw, but we are confident that you will succeed. Golf originated as early as the fifteenth century in Scotland and the first players were ordinary herdsmen, pounding sticks stones into rabbit holes. Who would have thought that after a few centuries, golf becomes a game for aristocrats and still this is. In the virtual world of equality and harmony reigns, so you can easily and freely be able to play without restrictions in Maya Golf as much as you want.

Treat yourself and show how much you nimble in managing a club. White directional arrow will help you to more accurately set the direction and force of hitting the ball. Enjoy the game and gain maximum points, going to record levels.

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Instruction to play:

Use mouse to play.