Nick Football Stars

Nick Football Stars is an online game that you can play on basketball games for free.

Join Spongebob and the rest of Nickelodeon stars in a fantastic and funny football match. Use your special powers and score a touchdown in Nick Football Stars! With 10 characters to choose from, join the tournament or do some training in cartoon flash game.

Nick Football Stars is an innovative running and distance game based on the concept of American football. In this game, you can choose between 10 playable Nickelodeon characters. Choose from the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to Spongebob and Sanjay. All 10 characters are split into four teams: Nunchuck Warriors, Bikini Bottom Barnacles, Quazy Bread Heads, and Hot Wings Warriors. Each of the 10 character has a unique skill for both offense and defense.
Collect items like pizzas and burgers to earn points and tackle some guards to refill your super powers.

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Instruction to play:

Arrow Keys Up & Down – Move
Arrow Key Left/ Right – Dash
Space – Use Skill
Mouse – Navigate Menu
Left Mouse Button – Interact Menu