Stickman Sports Badminton

Stickman Sports Badminton on Basketball games, many Stickman characters meet! With its realistic ball mechanics, the game will provide you with a terrific badminton experience. Simultaneously, game boosters (large racket, fireball, quicker) and certain negative benefits (slowly) add to the enjoyment. The game may be played with one or two players. When playing against the CPU, there are two game modes: "Normal" and "Hard." You have the option of playing 5, 7, or 9 sets in the game. Now is the time to prove who is the superior badminton player! Don't forget to check out more daily updated games from  with new features such as Snowboard Kings 2022 or Tennis Masters at

Instruction to play:

 PLAYER 1 Move / Jump : "W,A,S,D" Swing Racket : "SPACE" PLAYER 2 Move / Jump : "ARROW KEYS" Swing Racket : "M"