Tap Dunk Basketball

Basketball game with endless tap dunksHave time to hit the ball into the basket ring. Make combos of swishes so that the ball does not touch the basket ring. Get balls by unlocking achievements. Tap Dunk Basketball is an endless game with simple rules but complex controls where you have to hit the ball into the basket ring. The complexity of the control lies in the need to predict the exact moment of the throw so that the ball hits the ring.

With a single tap, the ball always flies to a certain height towards the ring. Tap the table several times to throw the ball higher. You will get used to ball control and physics over time. Make consistent swishes (without touching the ring) to earn more points. The first swish in the sequence is worth 2 points, 2x is worth 3 points, 3 is worth 4 points, and so on. Unlock all available ball skins by earning achievements. Good luck! Enjoy every moment you spend here and don’t forget to check out other awesome games. Some recommended options for you are Tallman Dunk Rush and Pumpkin Basket at basketballgames.games


Instruction to play:

 Tap to throw the ball up. When pressed several times, the ball will fly higher. The ball can only be controlled by tapping; there is no need to hold or swipe your finger or cursor; simply tap.Combo: Make clean throws (without touching the ring) one after the other to earn more points! Good luck!